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Serenity-Blue LLC.

Bath Salts with Lavender

Bath Salts with Lavender

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Vegan | Soy Free | Gluten Free | Preservative Free

Take a leap of faith and purify your body with our all-natural bath salts. These natural exfoliants help remove toxins, relieves muscle pain, stiffness, aching joints, helps with
arthritis, improves circulation, relieves headaches, and reduces anxiety and stress.

How to use:
Pour the bath salt into a warm bath. Feel free to use in addition to your bubble bath.
Watch this YouTube video for a demonstration.

For best results use our natural bath salts during your bath. (Then rinse, dry off then apply your whipped body butter if you like!)

Key ingredients:
Natural salts (Dead Sea salt, Himalayan pink salt) and other essential oils.
We believe in organic, natural, and cruelty free products.

• Remove toxins
• Relieves muscle pain, stiffness, and aching joints
• Helps with arthritis
• Improves circulation
• Relieves headaches
• Reduces anxiety and stress

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